6 Annoying Problems Hollywood Smile Can Cause You Need to Learn How to Avoid

January 15, 2022 by Leventro0

Cosmetic dentistry changes the older concept of the smile. Now you can get your own customized smile. Everyone wants sparkling white teeth like shining beads and a Hollywood smile can make it possible.  A Hollywood smile can bring sparkle and confidence to your personality. A Hollywood smile can change the shape, color, contour, or even the alignment of your teeth. But it can cause some problems that make it harder for everyone to get a dream smile. Let’s talk about the problems Hollywood smile can cause and how to avoid them.

1- Can make your teeth sensitive

Hollywood smiles include the dental veneers and crowns that need teeth grinding. Sometimes people feel some pain and sensitivity after tooth preparation. It usually disappears with time but in some patients, it takes longer time and gets more severe so that it becomes difficult to bear it.

Can this one be reduced? The answer is yes. Dental preparation by an expert dentist can reduce the chance of sensitivity and associated pain.

2- They Don’t Match!!!

A Hollywood smile changes your natural smile. Sometimes that change does not match with your appearance and looks. You will get mismatched and unnatural appearances. That doesn’t sound good at all!! So, what should be considered in order to have a natural smile?

The first thing will be to avoid too much whitened teeth. You need first to choose the right white level that matches your face and skin tone. The more you prepare, the less you repair. That is the rule. So, don’t be taken by the high degrees of whitening without paying attention to how it looks on your face.

3- Beauty May Cause Some Discomfort!

You can observe slight discomfort and heaviness after the Hollywood smile. The main cause is the presence of foreign material in your mouth that can trigger your natural response. These feelings are usually temporary and your dentist consulting helps to minimize them.

4- Ideal Plans…. No Irritation

The dental crown and veneers cover your natural teeth and their edges directly connect with your gums. They can irritate your gums and an allergic reaction can initiate in some individuals. The correct choice and a perfect ideal plan for a Hollywood smile can reduce the discomfort.

5- Takes Few Days Before It’s Normal

Few people have difficulty after Hollywood smiles. It’s just remained for a few days until you get used to your new teeth makeover. Take a soft diet for a few days and avoid hard food.

6- Your Dentist Needs to Know This

A Hollywood smile can get easily traumatized by external force and trauma. If you have a habit of bruxism or night teeth grinding there are very high chances of veneers and crown damage due to excessive grinding force. Gives a complete history of your habits to your dentist.

Always trust the experienced and professional dentist for your smile. A Hollywood smile can bring a positive change in your personality but get it from the best dentist in your area to avoid any possible and potential problems.

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