I got my hair transplant, now what?

August 2, 2021 by Leventro0

You may be wondering what you should be doing after you’ve done your hair transplant at Leventro, we’ll fill you in on the DOs and DON’Ts and the HOW!

Let’s start with the DON’Ts since that’s the bigger concern among patients:

Immediately after, meaning for the first day/week, it’s recommended to have someone drive you as you may have been put under a sedative.Showering is completely prohibited in the first 2 days. Sexual intercourse is also forbidden the first week as it affects your blood pressure.

On day 3 post the transplant you can gently wash your hair without direct contact with the stream. Sleeping flat and on your stomach/side is also a no-no in the first week, as it may trigger swelling in some cases and affect the results of your treatment, that swelling can also be avoided by using an ice compress on the area above your eyebrows only wether there is swelling or not, do not make contact with your scalp using ice at all! and avoid touching it completely for the first 3 days as well as wearing hats and head gear!

Although everyone loves a little sunshine now and then, it’s forbidden to expose your scalp to direct sunlight especially between the hours of 10 AM and 2 PM and
sweating should be avoided as well, so no activities that can cause it, take a break!

Hydration is important to our bodies in general, but it is especially important after your procedure, it advocates for healthier and faster results and plays a huge role in the process of your recovery, hydration also means avoiding alcohol as it is a diuretic which means it will dehydrate you.

It also affects your blood pressure and nutrients which are crucial for recovery.

As for smoking, give it a shot and try quitting a few months before your transplant appointment with us! It also affects your blood and its circulation, plus it’ll be good for your overall health!

Now for the DOs:

Nutrition plays a significant role in your hair growth in general, but even more after a transplant. Make sure you’re staying nutritious and avoiding unhealthy and fast foods as tempting as they may be!

Make sure you are taking your medications cautiously, read the labels and follow all instructions given by our doctors and the medicine itself.

When you are able and permitted to shower, apply conditioner to the scalp and rinse with a cup to avoid harshness.

Expect hair fallout in the areas transplanted, it is normal and expected in the process of hair growth, it will not affect the transplant negatively.

If you feel the need to dye your hair, do it prior to the procedure as it won’t have any negative implications on the transplant. Make sure to avoid it after though.

Now that you know what to do and don’t, here’s how:

The way you wash your hair post procedure directly affects your result, you’ll be told what to do after at Leventro but here’s a brief general summary.

There are 3 steps to washing your hair:

1. The transplanted and donor areas are covered with the recommended conditioner or product and left for 15 to 30 minutes then rinsed with warm water. This softens the area also advocates faster healing. A special shampoo is given and should be applied carefully and gently, lather between hands and apply with palms, do not rub.

2. To dry, use a patting technique with a paper towel, then use your moisturizer frequently after showers until the scabs are gone and no itching feeling is no longer felt.

3. The shampoo should be used until emptied, apply daily to remove scabs. After a week or so you will notice that the scabs and dried blood are no longer there, then you can begin showering normally after 2 weeks post the procedure.

Mild pain is likely to be present, nothing over the counter medication and a consultation from our staff can’t fix!

If you feel itching which is more than common, it’s recommended to use and antihistamine.

If the beard has been used as donor area, you can expect scabs but they should be
gone after a week or so and you can begin shaving then.

For a more personalized consultation, you can always reach our staff at the following:
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Email: info@leventro.com

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