Cavity protection

December 15, 2020 by Leventro0

Dental caries and tooth decay are the most common dental conditions in the world. The key cause of dental caries is the setup of layers of debris on the tooth surface that invade the disease-causing bacteria into the tooth. It usually leads to the destruction of the tooth’s outer protective layer and a cavity is formed. When the bacteria reach the inner surface of the tooth a sharp pain or toothache occurs. Toothache can disrupt your daily routine and cause enough discomfort for you to want to skip work and not sleep well. What makes the pain worse is that the food particles build up in the tooth cavity. The only solution to this issue is to get dental care immediately.
Cavity protection eliminates the cause of disease and prevents the further spread of caries. For teeth preservation, the two main dental treatments should be administered by the dentist.

• Dental Filling
In the early stages of dental caries, a dental filling would help to preserve your teeth. Dentists remove the contaminated and decayed surface of your teeth and replace it with a biocompatible filling material. The choice of material depends on the spread of the disease and the location of the tooth. Tooth-coloured composite is the most suitable dental material for the front teeth. It has got good strength and is quick to use.

• Root canal therapy
Root canal or RCT is the other way of preserving teeth. When an infection spreads to the internal pulp of the tooth, a simple filling cannot suppress the disease process. The dentist removes the remaining of the tooth material and debris from the root and then fills it with non-living dental material. The tooth will then be closed by dental filling material. A dental crown can also be used to secure your teeth and reduce the chances of damage in the future. An RCT usually needs three or four dental appointments. However, the number of visits can vary based on the complexity of the problem.

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